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Described below are the five types of carbon steel tubingcarried in The Metal Store’s stocks primarily for mechanical applications.

COLD DRAWN SEAMLESSis made from 1026 (UNS G10260) steel in sizes through 9 ½” OD, from .28 maxcarbon steel in sizes over 9 ½” OD. Produced to OD and ID dimensions, except asnoted in size listing. Furnished in “as drawn” condition. Cold Drawn seamlessoffers good surface quality and increased mechanical properties over hotfinished seamless tubing. No color identification. Meets ASTM A519. Stocked inlengths of 8 to 24 ft.

HOT FINISHED SEAMLESSis made from 1026 (UNS G10260) steel. It is lower in cost than cold drawnand most applicable where precise dimensions and surface quality are ofsecondary importance. As an industry standard, HF seamless is manufactured toOD and wall dimensions. Identification color: green. Meets ASTM A519. Stockedin lengths of 8 to 24 ft.

DOM (Drawn –over-mandrel) is a cold drawn electric resistance welded tube with all flashremoved. Each tube is tested for soundness of weld. Preferred over seamlesstubing for its excellent OD & ID concentricity. Normalizing and colddrawing over a mandrel makes DOM a uniform and precision product. Made from1020 (GNS G10200) steel in walls 10 ga. and lighter; from 1026 (GNS G10200)steel in walls heavier than 10 ga. Furnished in “as drawn” condition.Manufactured to OD and ID dimensions except as noted. Identification color:gold. Meets ASTM A513 Type 5. Stocked in random lengths of 8 to 24 ft.

RY-STAR 512 EXTRAis electric resistance welded tubing (produced from 1020 SRA (UNS G10200 steel)which is normalized and cold drawn over a mandrel for improved mechanicalproperties, surface finish and controlled tolerances. Although not recommendedfor pressure applications, Ry-Star has many of the advantages of DOM at a pricecomparable to buttweld tubing. Furnished in stress-relief annealed condition.Produced to OD and ID dimensions. Identification color: pink. Meets ASTM A512(ERW). Stocked in random lengths of 8 to 24 ft.

BUTTWELD issimilar to Ry-star (above) but produced from continuous welded pipe. Does notoffer the inherent strength in the weld area of an electric resistance weldedproduct. Made from low carbon SRA steel. Machinability and mechanicalproperties are reduced as a result of lower carbon content. Identificationcolors: pink and white. Meets ASTM A512. Stocked in random lengths of 8 to 24ft.

ELECTRICAL RESISTANCEWELDED is produced from low carbon steel. Tubing with walls heavier than 18ga. Is produced from hot rolled steel; tubing with walls 18 ga. and lighter isproduced from cold rolled steel. Furnished in “as-welded” condition. OD flashremoved on all sizes. For round tubing 1” OD & larger ID flash controlledto .010” to .015” (depending on O.D.) Sizes under 1” OD and all square andrectangles are flash-in. ERW is the lowest cost of all mechanical tubing.Manufactured to OD and wall dimensions. No color identification. Meets ASTMA513 Type 1 (HR) or Type 2 (CR). Stocked in 20 ft. random lengths.



4140 TUBINGoffers all of the qualities of 4140 bar stock – hardenability, strength, wear,resistance, toughness and ductility. But, because the hole is already there,machining costs are greatly reduced. Used for rolls, rings, sleeves, gears –and hollow parts that can be improved by strength. Conforms to ASTM – A519.


The Metal Store stocks three types of carbon steel pipe andpipe sized products.

CONTINUOUS BUTTWELD– A general purpose pipe for use in steam, gas and air lines. Not intended forclose coiling, bending or high temperature service. Stocked in standard blackcoating. No color identification. Meets ASTM A53 Type F (which has replaced theobsolete ASTM A120 specification). No minimum mechanical properties specified.

ELECTRIC RESISTANCEWELDED (ERW) – Suitable for welding, coiling, bending, flaring andflanging. Pressure tested. Standard black coating. Plain ends, beveled edge. Nocolor identification. Meets ASTM A53 Grade B Type E (electrical resistancewelded).

PIPE SIZE ERW – Astructural purpose pipe sized tube ordered to ASTM A500. Compared to pipe, thisproduct offers higher strength, better straightness as well as a superiorfinish and usually costs less than pipe.



In most cases, this tubing is ready-to-use for hydrauliccylinder application without further ID processing.

HONED ID DOM – Anelectric resistance welded mechanical tubing 1026 (UNS G10260) steel,normalized and cold drawn over a mandrel. ID is honed to 20 max. microinchfinish with close ID tolerances. OD tolerances standard. Furnished stressrelief annealed. Manufactured to OD and ID dimensions. Identification color:gold/red. Meets A513 Type 5.

SPECIAL SMOOTH ID DOM– An electric resistance welded mechanical tube made from 1020 (UNS G10200)steel, normalized and cold drawn over a mandrel. It has one-half the IDdimensional tolerances of standard DOM tubing. OD tolerances standard.Microinch finish is less restrictive than honed ID tubing, but ideal for manymedium high pressure air and hydraulic cylinder applications. Manufactured toOD and ID dimensions. Identification color: red. Meets A513 Type 6.


HYDRAULIC FLUID LINEDOM is made from cold drawn .18 maximum carbon steel, and is dead softannealed for ease of bending and flaring. Specially processed to insure theclean ID necessary in hydraulic systems. Both ends are capped to protect the IDfrom foreign matter. Pressure tested at a fiber stress of 20,000 psi or at anactual pressure of 5,000 psi, whichever is less. Manufactured to OD and IDdimensions. Meets ANSI B93.4 – 1969, and SAE J525b. No color identification.

HYDRAULIC FLUID LINE SEAMLESS is made from cold drawn 1010steel (UNS G10100). Like welded fluid line tubing, it is soft annealed, cappedat each end, pressure tested to 1000 psi. Meets AMS 5050-G, JIC Specs and SAEJ524. No color identification.

HYDRAULIC FLUID LINEERW is made from .18 maximum carbon steel, is normalized for ease ofbending and is double flarable. The ID is flash controlled to a maximum of.010”. Both ends are capped.  Pressuretested at a fiber stress of 20,000 psi or at an actual pressure of 5000 psi,whichever is less. Manufactured to OD and wall dimension. Meets SAE J356. Nocolor identification.


The Metal Store stocks four types of square and rectangularcarbon steel tubing for mechanical and structural applications.

STRUCTURAL ASTMA500-GRADE B (UNS K03000) cold formed, electric resistance welded tubing.Has a high strength-to-weight ratio, is relatively low in cost and is easilywelded, formed, punched and drilled. The hollow shape offers good appearanceand ease of maintenance. OD flash removed on all sizes. ID is flash-in. Noidentification color.

STRUCTURAL HIGHSTRENGTH, LOW ALLY (HSLA-70) tubing with 70,000 psi minimum yield. It hasthe same features and benefits of ASTM A500-Grade B, but with 52% higherstrength-to-weight ratio. No color identification.

MECHANICAL – Anelectric resistance welded tubing made from low carbon steel. Walls heavierthan 18 ga. are produced from hot rolled steel, walls 18 ga. and lighter arecold rolled. Offers good surface finish and forming qualities. OD flash removedon all sizes. ID is flash-in. No color identification. Meets ASTM A513 Type 1(HR) or Type 2 (CR).