LOW CARBON,COMMERCIAL QUALITY -  A low coststeel sheet, soft enough to bend flat on itself in any direction withoutcracking, ductile enough for shallow drawing. Carbon is .10 max. for improvedwelding and forming. Surface has normal mill oxide. Conforms to ASTM A-569.Used for tanks, barrels, farm implements and other applications where surfacefinish is not critical.

PICKLED AND OILED-  Acid pickling removes mill oxide,improving surface appearance, uniformity and finishing quality. Paint andenamel adhere well after cleaning. Same properties and forming characteristicsas commercial quality but less wear on tooling. Conforms to ASTM A-569. Typicalapplications: auto and truck parts, farm implements, tanks, stamped and rollformed pats, formed sections.

DRAWING QUALITY –Used in fabricating parts where drawing or severe forming may be involved andsurface appearance is not of primary importance. Conforms to ASTM A-621.Typical applications: auto and truck parts, stamped parts and roll formed

.40/.50 CARBON –High carbon content increases yield strength about 50% over low carbon.Abrasion resistance is also improved compared with low carbon. Heat treatablefor still greater strength and hardness. Far less formable and weldable thanlow carbon. Used for scrapers, blades, tools and other applications requiring astrong, moderate cost sheet.  Identificationcolor: yellow.

ABRASION RESISTING-Medium carbon content plus higher manganese greatly improves resistance toabrasion. Typically used for scrapers, liners, chutes and conveyors. Outlastslow carbon steel by two to ten times. Moderate formability. Identificationcolor: pink.


Have much higher minimum yield strengths, improvedformability, weldability and/or atmospheric corrosion resistance than ordinarylow carbon commercial quality sheets. Lend themselves to applications whereweight reduction is a main factor. Extra strength permits weight savings up to25%. Produced to minimum mechanical requirements. Available in three types:

CONVENTIONAL TYPEASTM A-607 – Lowest cost HSLA steels made to specific minimum yield strengthswhere atmospheric corrosion resistance is not a requirement. Good formabilityand weldability. Typical applications: transmission towers, formed utilitypoles, auto parts, truck trailers. Identification color: white, green, white(INX 45), white and green (INX 50, Ex-Ten 50).


Two to four times more resistant to atmospheric corrosionthan low carbon steel. Unpainted, Cor-Ten has tightly adherent oxide surfacewhich stops further oxidation. Excellent weldability and formability.Identification color: white (Cor-Ten).

IMPROVED FORMABILITYTYPE ASTM A-715 (HI-FORM) – Maximum formability with improved toughness andfatigue resistance. Good weldbility. Available with minimum yield ranging from50,000 psi to 80,000 psi. Used when fabrication involves difficult forming ortight radii bending.


LOW CARBON-COMMERCIAL QUALITY – Closer thickness tolerances and better surface thanpickled and oiled. The matte finish is ideal for paints, enamels, and lacquers.many moderate drawing applications. Can be electroplated. Light oil protectssurface from rust. Conforms to ASTM A-366. Maximum carbon content .10 forimproved welding and forming. End uses: refrigerators, ranges, washingmachines, auto and truck bodies, signs, panels, shelving, furniture, andstamped parts.

IN/TEK – Thefinest surface and flattest cold rolled sheet available in the market today.Produced to one quarter the usual thickness tolerance, it is superior inflatness and surface. A flash coating of nickel allows better bonding ofphosphate for a superior painted finish. Pre-packaged in 3,000 lb. bundles toprotect the world class surface.

SPECIAL KILLED (Drawing Quality)  - A sheet with maximum uniformity used forsevere drawing or forming operations. Has maximum ductility plus freedom fromage hardening and fluting. Conforms to ASTM A-620.

SPECIAL PROTOTYPE QUALITY (Special Killed-Drawing Quality) –A special killed drawing quality sheet made within closely restricted thicknesstolerances. Used for prototype die work and for other deep drawing requirementswhen closer than commercial tolerances are required. (Also available in HR P/Oand galvanized).

PLATING QUALITY – Two finishes suitable for most platingapplications: Commercial Bright, rolled with ground and polished rolls, has arelatively bright finish; and Extra Light Matte, produced with lightly blastedrolls, has a slightly duller finish than Commercial Bright. Base metal conformsto ASTM-A 366.

EMBOSSED PATTERN – Has a leather grain textured surface onone side which hides dings, dents and scratches that can occur duringproduction. Can reduce rejection rates by as much as 70% or more. End uses:appliance wrappers, instrument panels, office equipment, shelving, etc. Basemetal conforms to ASTM A-366.

STRETCHER LEVELED STANDARD OF FLATNESS-  A commercial quality matte finish sheet,further processed to improve flatness. Used for panel work where little formingis done and finished product must be flat and free from waves. Widely used inthe manufacture of desk and table tops, truck body panels, partitions,templates and office furniture. Conforms to ASTM A-366.


The coating weight of The Metal Store’s hot dippedgalvanized sheets conforms to ASTM A924 (previously A525). Electro-galvanizedconforms to ASTM A-591. The end use should determine the type of coated sheetand surface condition required. Regardless of coating weight, spangle size,method of manufacture or surface preparation required, The Metal Store cansupply the material needed.

GALVANIZED sheets are continuously hot dip coated with adurable protective coating of zinc. Can be formed without flaking or peeling.Stamping, cold drawing, double seaming and brake or roll forming will notimpair their protective qualities. Can be welded or soldered. Thicknesses 16 ga.and lighter are lockforming quality. Thicknesses 14 ga.And heavier are commercial quality. All conform to ASTM A924 (previously A525)Coatings are G90 (minimum .90 oz. per foot) or G60 (light commercial).

HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED is also available on special order inextra heavy coatings, differentially coated, extra smooth surface, coated oneside only, and with various spangle sizes.

GALVANNEALED sheets are heat treated after coating toproduce zinc-iron alloy and eliminate the spangle. Can be painted withoutfurther surface preparation except for normal cleaning. May be subject tobending and simple forming without impairing its paintability or corrosionresistance. Particularly suited for sign boards, metal doors and partitions,truck and trailer bodies, heater and furnace parts, etc. The coating weight isA60 or A40.

GALVALUME is a corrosion resistant sheet, continuously hotdipped coated with an aluminum zinc alloy. For certain applications it offers asubstantial increase in corrosion resistance over G90 galvanized sheet. It canbe readily formed, welded and soldered. End uses: appliance and automotiveparts, metal buildings and agricultural parts. Conforms to ASTM A-792 AZ 50coating.

ELECTRO-GALVANIZED BONDERIZED sheets are cold rolled steelsheets zinc coated by electrolytic deposition and conform to A-591. Should bepainted if subject to outdoor exposure. The coating has a uniform dull graymatte appearance without the spangles normally present on hot dippedgalvanized. The surface has been phosphate treated for immediate paintability.Can also be formed, rolled or stamped without flaking, powdering, peeling orcracking. Electrogalvanized sheets have same gauge thickness as cold rolledsheets. Particularly suited for cabinets, signs, light fixtures, etc., where anexcellent finish is required.


ALUMINIZED STEEL is sheet steel hot dip coated on both sideswith aluminum-silicon alloy by the continuous method. Has an attractive satinfinish. It provides the best qualities of aluminum and steel by resistingcorrosion and providing strength at a low cost. The weight of aluminum coatingapplied to both sides of the sheet is approximately 0.40 oz. per square foot,providing a coating of about 0.001” aluminum per side. Resists non-atmosphericcorrosion up to 1250 degrees Fahrenheit and reflects as much as 80%  of incident radiant heat up to 900 degreesFahrenheit. Can be subjected to moderate forming, spinning and drawing withoutpeeling and flaking of the coating. Conforms to A-463 – coating T1-40.Applications include crop dryers, dry kiln fan walls, dryers, incinerators,mufflers, oven and space heater components.


Perforated sheets and plates are widely used for belt andmachine guards, ventilators, screens and strainers, filters, trays andcabinets, grilles- and a variety of ornamental purposes. The Metal Storequickly furnishes all popular patterns and sizes to meet your needs. Holes canbe round, square, slots, hex, or decorative. Material can be steel, stainless,aluminum, or nickel alloys. Thicknesses from 24 gauge to 1” plate. Whetherstandard of custom call The Metal Store for your perforated needs.