HR CARBON fromRyerson is an economical, general purpose steel for a wide variety ofapplications. 5/8” and lighter is held to a .25 max. carbon; over 5.8” platehas a carbon range of .10 to .33.

AISI 1015 isstocked in thicknesses ¾” and under for the best forming and weldingcharacteristics. A good general purpose plate with predictable qualities.

AISI 1020 isstocked in thicknesses to ¾” to 1 ½” inclusive. The higher carbon rangeimproves machinability while keeping good formability and weldability.

AISI 1025 –Plates over 1 ½” thick in this category are silicon killed along with havingthe higher carbon range for greater strength. This produces the optimumcombination of strength, weldability and good surface quality after machining,plus internal soundness.


AISI 1045 –Silicon killed with higher carbon content for greater strength. In the lighterand medium thicknesses, heat treatment will provide still higher strength.Machinability is good. Forming and welding opportunities are limited.Identification color: yellow.


FH “62” FINELINE (1060) – A special quality fine grainedfully killed steel plate with a carbon content of .55/.66 for greater strength.Flame and induction hardens to 62 to 66 Rockwell C in depths to ¼”. Spherodizeannealed for excellent machinability with minimum distortion. Produced by theFineline process with reduced sulphur levels (.010 max.) which further improvesthe internal soundness and toughness, along with reducingthe possibility of lamellar tearing. Popular for machine ways, gibs, rails,slides, wear strips and tooling applications. Our precision machines will cutto size without impairing the fine metallurgical properties of this steel.Identification color: yellow and pink.

DESCALED AND OILEDPLATES AND CUT PARTS can be furnished from any grade of plate. Suitable forjibs, fixtures, pattern work, etc. Also see sheet section for stock sizes ofdescaled and oiled sheets.

FLAT BARS FROM PLATE–Flatbars can be quickly furnished saw cut from any of the above plates.

GAUER EDGE PLATEFLATS – from 1/8” x 1” to ½” x 8” are quickly produced from sheared or slitplates. In one operation, material is flattened, straightened and edged in anygrade of carbon, alloy, stainless, and nickel alloy plate.


Manufactured to specific ASTM specifications for use instructures such as bridges and buildings or in railroad cars and other mobile equipment.

ASTM A36– Astructural quality carbon steel for use in welded, bolted, or rivetedconstruction of bridges and buildings, and for general structural purposes.Engineered with a minimum yield point of 36,000 psi. Stronger than A283, A36plates can be used to design lighter weight structures and equipment - andprovide good weldability. All thicknesses are stocked, descaled and oiled forapplication requiring this superior finish. Identification color: brown andpink. Most material is certified to ASTM A709 Gr. 36 bridge specification.

ASTM A283 – GRADED – General purpose structural quality plate. Lower in cost and lower instrength compared with A36. Formable and weldable with proper care. Made to aspecific minimum yield points below that of Grade D. Identification color:green.


Stocked in coils to offer many combinations of widths andlengths, plus three grades specifically designed to match the widest range ofapplications. Material can be furnished hot rolled or pickled and oiled, milledge or slit edge to 72”, in coil or decoiled, leveled and cut-to-length up to40 feet long on our modern processing lines. (Up to 60 feet long can  be furnished with special handling.) Slitwidths to 33” wide can be furnished deburred to reduce sharp edges. Structuralgrades are tested to ASTM A6.

AISI 1008/1010 –Carbon is held to .13 max. to provide a ductile plate suitable for forming inany direction with excellent weldability.

ASTM A-36- Astructural quality material with specific minimum mechanical properties forgeneral purpose structural applications. When decoiled, this product is testedto ASTM A6 and the specific chemistry and mechanical properties are reported toRyerson Test Reports. If furnished in coil form, we will furnish chemistry onlyas mechanical testing must be done at the time of decoiling. Identificationcolor: brown and pink.

SHEET AND PLATE COILS– can be furnished in stock widths to standard mill width tolerances - or slit(No.3 edge) and/or edge rolled to the exact width you require. They can also beroller leveled into flat sheets up to 20 feet and plates up to 40 feet long.You get non-standard sizes, ready for use - with no waste. Other sizes,tempers, grades etc., can also be furnished to meet your needs.


HSLA plates offerhigher strength than plain carbon steel plates- plus ductility, weldability,formability, toughness, and fatigue strength. Can lower your material costs andincrease payloads because lighter material obtains the strength needed.Applications include: railroad cars, trucks, trailers, cranes, excavatingequipment, buildings, and bridges.

INX 50, EX-TEN 50 orASTM A572(50) are available at a strength level of 50,000 psi minimum.Provides high strength, good workability and weldability at a comparativelymoderate price. Atmospheric corrosion resistance is the same as that of plaincarbon steel. Conforms to ASTM A572, SAE J410, Gr. 950X. Also available inGrades 42, 45, 55, 60 and 65. Ident. Color: white and green. Most material iscertified to A709 Gr. 50 bridge specification. Standard impact tests areavailable upon request.

COR-TEN A, COR-TEN B,or A588 MOD. – with the combination of high strength and outstandingresistance to atmospheric corrosion, is often used wherever weight reduction ormaintenance cost savings are prime considerations. Easily cold formed andwelded. Thicknesses to ½” incl. (Cor-Ten A) conform to ASTM A242 (Type 1) andSAE J410, Gr. 950D. Over ½” (Cor-Ten B) conforms to ASTM A588 (Gr. A)Identification color: white. A588 MOD. –This 60,000 minimum yield strengthsteel is a popular choice for mold plattens and other items where minimumdistortion under pressure is required. Ident. Color: white and black.

A656 GR.N 80, HI-FORM80 – A low alloy, hot rolled, controlled cooled steel developed forapplications where high strength (80,000 psi minimum yield) along withtoughness, formability, weldability and fatigue resistance are required.Conforms to ASTM A656 Gr.80. Ident. Color: white and gold.


The Metal Store stocks a complete line of abrasion resistantplates to match virtually every need. From the popular, low cost AR carbonsteel plate to Ryerson’s Wearform 500.

AR MEDIUM HARD –This medium carbon-manganese steel has moderate hardness of 212 to 255 BHN togive you an inexpensive abrasive resistant product that outlasts hot rolledcarbon steel by a wide margin. Can be machined, drilled and punched and takes amoderate amount of forming and rolling. Used for liners and chutes, grain,sand, gravel, cement and clay handling machinery. Identification color: pink.

WEARFORM 400 is amedium carbon, high-strength, quenched and tempered chrome-moly, boron treatedplate especially designed to a minimum hardness of 360 BHN. It offers anexceptional amount of sliding and impact abrasion resistance at a moderatecost. Wearform 400 can be used as a basic component, or as a liner in all typesof mining and material handling equipment. An added feature of formabilitybetter than most 360 min. BHN products adds to its value. Identification color:orange, black, gold.

WEARFORM 500 –Specifically designed to reach an amazing nominal hardness of 500 BHN. Built-inhigh strength and superior through-hardness gives Wearform 500 exceptionalresistance to both impact and sliding abrasion. This combination makes it agood choice as a liner for all types of mining and material handling equipment– off road dump bodies, chutes, bins, silos, gates, buckets and hoppers. It’shard to find a longer lasting abrasion resistant plate. The longer life meanssubstantial savings - less down time and lower maintenance costs.Identification color: pink and silver.


Construction alloys are quenched and tempered high strengthalloy steels produced to minimum mechanical properties with a yield strengthnearly 3 times that of A36 structural steel. This material offers high strengthplus good workability and weldability with minimum pre-heating. Plus exceptionaltoughness at low atmospheric temperatures (to -50 degrees F). Used extensivelyfor component parts and as liners for construction equipment, mining machinery,truck bodies, chutes, and wear plates.

T-1 TYPE A (ASTMA514 Grade B) – Stocked in thickness through 1 1/4”. Has a lower alloy contentthan the original T-1 but the same strength. Lowest priced of the T-1 alloys.Identification color: green-pink-orange.

T-1 TYPE B (ASTMA-514 Grade H) – Stocked 1 3/8” through 2” with an alloy content between Type Aand the original T-1 while maintaining the same strength. Identification color:green-blue-orange.

T-1 STRUCTURALQUALITY (ASTM A-514 Grade F) – Stocked 2 ¼” through 2 ½”. This is theoriginal T-1 grade. Identification color: green-yellow.

T-1 TYPE C (ASTMA514 GRADE Q) – Stocked in thicknesses over 2 ½”, Type C is richer in alloycontent than the original T-1 with slightly lower strength levels.Identification color: green-brown.


Specific, tightly-controlled ASTM specs produce a superiorcarbon or alloy steel to withstand the pressure found in vessels, boilers, etc.The known, consistent properties of these tightly controlled plates make themdesirable for many other applications.

All PVQ plates are subjected to a series of tests to assureconsistent controlled properties.

PVQ-S4plates areordered with supplemental S-4 testing (as outlined by ASTM A20) to assureconformance to mechanical property requirements. The Metal Store stocks carbonand alloy steel PVQ plates to the following ASTM specs:

ASTM A285 – Apopular, moderate strength steel for stationary service vessels and boilers.Stocked up to 2” thick, they have excellent formability and weldability.Stocked in PVQ-S4 Grade C. Ident. Color: blue and gold.

ASTM A387 GR 11 CLASS1 ANNEALED (ASME SA 387) – A chrome/moly alloy. Intended primarily forelevated temperature service. Ident. Color: blue-black-green.

ASTM GR22 CLASS 2NORMALIZED AND TEMPERED (ASME SA 387) – Similar to A387 Gr.11 but with morechrome/moly. Designed primarily for elevated temperature service.Identification color: black-blue-silver.

ASTM A515 (ASMESA 515) – More strength than A285 for intermediate and high temperatureservice. Weldable with proper recommended techniques, A515 plates have coarsegrain structure and are silicon killed. Stocked in Gr. 70 in the as rolled ornormalized condition. Sizes of Grade 70 over 2” thick are stocked in thenormalized condition. Grade 70 (as rolled) – blue and brown; Grade 70 (normalized)– blue and silver.

ASTM A516 (ASMESA 516) – Intended for low temperatures where improved notch toughness isrequired. ASTM A516 has fine grain structure and is silicon killed. Grade 70,stocked in the as rolled or normalized condition. Additional S-5 testing forselected items in the normalized condition. Ident. color: Gr .60 – blue, redgold; Gr. 65 – blue, red, white; Gr. 70 –blue and pink; Gr. 70 charpy V-notchtested – blue and red.


Carbon and Alloy Steel – Stainless Steel – Aluminum – Nickel Alloys

Call The Metal Store for Flangedand Dished Heads, or other types, including: Flanged Only, Dished Only, CoverHeads, Semi-Elliptical, Reverse Dished, Shallow Flanged and Dished, OrboundDouble Dished or Obround Flanged Only. These can be hot pressed, hot spun, coldpressed or lathe spun.

In sending in your order for these special heads be sure toinclude the following information:

  1. Quantity
  2. Thickness
  3. Outside Diameter (I.D. for 2 to 1elliptical heads)
  4. Type (ASME-API or Standard Flangedand Dished, Flanged Only, Dished Only, Cover Heads, etc.).
  5. Length of straight flange.
  6. Trimming of flange and bevel, ifrequired.
  7. Type of material.
  8. Location of manhole and openings,if required. Manhole covers with fittings are furnished in most standard typesand sizes. Call or write for more information.


The Metal Store stocks a complete line of carbon and alloysteel plate designed to combine improved machinability, with excellent heattreating results and cleanliness. Savings as high as 40% of machine time ordouble the tool life can be realized. Four grades of carbon and three grades ofalloy await your inquiries and orders.


E-Z-CUT 20 is alow carbon, high manganese steel with controlled sulphur addition. Saves up to30% in machining time compared to low carbon steel plate with about 50%increase in tool life. For die bases, jigs, rubber molds, etc. Ident. color:gold..

CLEANCUT 20 LowCarbon steel with much lower sulphur levels than other free machining grades.Minimum alumina and silicate inclusions prolong tool life. Calcium treated forsulphide shape control. Internal soundness is similar to silicon killed steels.Good chip formation. Can be turned, planed, face and end milled, profiled anddrilled. Ident. color: gold and red.


E-Z-CUT 45 mediumcarbon, resulphurized. Machines 35% faster than 1045, polishes to platingsmoothness, responds to heat treating and welds easily when preheated. Ident.color: gold & yellow.

CLEAN CUT 45 –Similar to Clean Cut 20 with higher hardness and flame hardening capability.Available in heavy thicknesses with internal soundness similar to siliconkilled steels. Ident. color: gold & brown.

4140 MOD. CLEAN CUTNORMALIZED & TEMPERED – Popular chrome-moly alloy calcium treated forsulphide shape control. Excellent hardenability and internal soundness. Asuperb choice for parts requiring extensive machining. Machinability improved10% to 25% and tool life increased as much as 100%. Ident. color: black,yellow, purple. (MTD #1 mod.)

4150 MOD. CLEAN CUTNORMALIZED & TEMPERED – Higher carbon range improves hardenability andtoughness while maintaining excellent internal soundness. Machinabilityimproved 10% to 35%. Up to 100% longer tool life. Ident. color: black, pink,purple. (MTD #4 mod.)


Through hardening – Annealed

4140 Stress-RelievedAnnealedplate is produced to a controlled 4140 chemistry set by The MetalStore specifications, vacuum degassed for superior cleanliness, and produced tofine grain practice. Offers uniform, consistent response to heat treatment;superior cleanliness, internal soundness and improved service life for machinedparts. Identification color: yellow, black and yellow.

4340 FinelineNormalized and Tempered is a vacuum degassed nickel-chrome-moly steel.Sulphur level is controlled to .010 max. improving the internal soundness andmechanical properties. Can be further heat treated for higher properties.Identification color: white, yellow, orange.

E6150 is achromium-vanadium through hardening steel offering good hardenability plus thecleanliness of an electric furnace quality. Identification color: pink andgold.

Case Hardening

8620 is ideal forapplications requiring a hard case and high core property. Advantages overordinary carbon steel: more uniform case depth, improved hardness, toughness,and wear characteristics, higher core properties, less distortion.Identification color: orange and green.


E4130 AQ –Electric furnace chrome, moly aircraft quality alloy for general use wherewelding and moderate tensile properties are required. Furnished, pickled andoiled, to the following specs: MIL-S-18729 (annealed and norm.) and AMS-6350(annealed only).  Identification color:black and blue (annealed), black, white and blue (normalized).

E4340 AQ –annealed plate is a nickel-chrome-moly steel offering high strength, deephardening, and toughness in the heat treated condition. Stocked to thedemanding Aircraft Quality specification AMS 6359-D. frequently used for bothaircraft and non-aircraft applications for heavily stressed parts.Identification color: white, yellow, black.