Only a minimum discard is made from each ingot, but barsshould be free from visible piping. Seams and other surface irregularities maybe present. Chemistry is subject to ladle analysis only. Easily machined,welded, and formed but not suitable for applications involving forging, heattreating, cold drawing or other operations where internal soundness or freedomfrom detrimental surface imperfections is of prime importance. Conforms to ASTMA575.


Manufactured under additional controls in rolling andsurface preparation. Sufficient discard is made from each ingot to avoidinjurious piping. To minimize surface imperfections, blooms and billets arecarefully inspected and prepared by shipping, scarfing, and grinding prior torolling into bars. Chemistry is subject to ladle and check analyses. Thisquality is desirable when more exact requirements exist for machining and heattreatment. Conforms to ASTM A576.

In addition, The Metal Store further assures the quality ofthe steel bars by having them produced to explicit specifications, designed topromote superior and more uniform characteristics.


These are general and special purpose steels widely used fora variety of job requirements. Choose from low cost, versatile 1018… up to1117, 1141 all produced to explicit Metal Store specifications for controlledchemistry, to assure greater internal soundness, cleanliness, improved hardeningqualities and better machinability.

For maximum machinability, choose from our screw stock –including12L14, 12L14 + Te 1214Bi and 1215, or if greater strength is required, selectfrom our medium carbon, direct hardening steels. And if extreme size accuracy,straightness and concentricity are required, see our listings of ground andpolished shafting stock.


 (For other casehardening steels, refer to the Alloy section)

A36 (HR) – Bars designed for use in structural applications.Minimum physical properties of 36 KSI yield strength and 58 KSI tensilestrength. Identification color: brown & pink. Conforms to ASTM A36.

1018, 1020 (HR,CF) – A low carbon steel with a medium manganese content. Has tool hardeningproperties, fair machinability. Readily brazed and welded. Suitable forshafting and for applications that do not require the greater strength of highcarbon and alloy steels. Identification color: green. Conforms to ASTM A – 108and AMS 5069. (Not applicable to bars under 2 15/16” and sizes lighter than29.34 lbs. per foot).

1117 (HR, CF) - Alow carbon, high manganese steel. Machinability is greatly improved over 1018,and case hardening is deep and uniform, supported by a tough ductile core.Withstands bending, broaching, and most deforming, without cracking.Identification color: gold. Conforms to ASTM A-108, AMS 5022 and QQ-S-637.

11L17 (HR, CF)-  The addition of .15 to .35% lead tothe 1117 analysis provides for even faster machining without changing theexcellent case hardening characteristics. Identification color: gold withpurple dot. Conforms to ASTM A-108 and QQ-S-637.

M1020 (HR) – A low carbon, general purpose, merchantquality steel, produced to wider carbon and manganese ranges that standardsteels. Suitable for forming and welding. No color identification.


1035 (HR) – Anintermediate carbon, special quality machinery steel, higher in strength andhardness than low carbon steel. Used for studs, bolts, etc. Identificationcolor: blue.

1040, 1045 (HR,CF) – Medium carbon steels used when greater strength and hardness is desiredin the as-rolled condition. Can be hammer forged and responds to heattreatment. Suitable for flame and induction hardening. Uses include gears,shafts, axles, bolts and studs, machine parts, etc. Identification color:yellow.

M1044 (HR) –merchant quality steel is similar to ASI 1045, but less costly. Contains lesseramounts of manganese (.25/.60); strength and responsiveness to heat treatmentare approximately the same. Identification color: yellow.

1050 (CF) –Strain hardened, stress relieved material which offers 100 KSI yield strength.Improved strength over 1045. Identification color: yellow/pink dot. Conforms toASTM A311.

1141 (HR, CF) – Amedium carbon, special quality, manganese steel with improved machinability andbetter heat treatment response (surface hardness is deeper and more uniform)than plain carbon steels. Good as-rolled strength and toughness. Uses includegears, shafts, axles, bolts, studs, pins, etc. Identification color: brown.

11L41 (HR, CF) -Has all the desirable characteristics of Rytense plus greatly superiormachinability – due to 0.15%/0.35% lead addition. Identification color: brownwith purple dot.

1144 (HR, CF) - Similarto 1141 with slightly higher carbon and sulphur content resulting in superiormachinability and improved response to heat treating. Often used for inductionhardened parts requiring 55 RC surface. Identification color: brown &orange. Conforms to ASTM A311.

1144 A311 CL.B(CF) - Steel bars with 100 KSI minimum yield. Capable of flame hardening to56-60 R.D. for such applications as piston rods. Identification color: brown& orange. Conforms to ASTM A311.

Stressproof (CF)– High strength without heat treatment. Stress relieved. Readily machinablewith minimum distortion. Identification color: brown and yellow. Conforms toASTM A311.

Fatigue-proof(CF) – Higher strength than Stressproof achieved by mechanical working andthermal treatment. Eliminates need for heat treating and secondary operations(cleaning, straightening, etc.). Readily machinable with low residual stresses.Identification color: brown/white dot.


These are the fastestmachining steels for highest production rates on screw machines. All are inthe low carbon range and can be case hardened. When superior case hardeningqualities are required, selection can be made from the low carbon-casehardening steels.

1215 (HR, CF) –Fast cutting steel is the standard screw stock. A resulphurized andrephosphurized steel for typical production runs. Cutting speeds and machiningcharacteristics approach Ledloy 300. Machined finish is smooth and bright.Identification color: orange. Conforms to ASTM A108 and QQ-S-637.

1241 Bi – Alead-free alternative to 12L14 and 12L14Te or Se. Bismuth in steel acts asinternal lubricant, thus reducing cutting forces and minimizing tool wear atthe same high rates as leaded products. Identification color: black/purple dot.Conforms to ASTM A108.

12L14 (CF) – Alead bearing steel with average machining rates 30%-40% faster than 1215.Here’s a steel that offers inherent ductility combined with finer surfacequality. Since 12L14 is an extraordinarily fast machining steel, it has becomethe favorite for automatic screw machine work. Identification color: purple.Conforms to ASTM A108 and QQ-S-637.

12L14 + Te and 12L14+Se (CF) – A leaded tellurium or selenium bearing material which is amongour fastest machining steel bars. Increases parts production a minimum of  25% over conventional leaded steel. Finish isexcellent and savings in tool life are substantial. Identification color: 12L14+ Te, purple/gold dot; 12L14+ Se, purple/green dot. Conforms to ASTM A108 andQQ-S-637.


Extreme size accuracy, straightness and concentricity tominimize wear in high speed applications. Turned,ground & polished bars can be machined unsymmetrically, as in key-seating,with minimum distortion because cold drawing strains are not developed.Drawn, ground & polished barscombine the strength advantages of cold drawn stock with extra accuracy andlustrous finish. Conforms to ASTM A-108 and QQ-S-637.


Special finish drawn, ground & polished bars are usedwhere extreme precision and size accuracy, straightness and finish arenecessary. Conforms to ASTM A-108 and QQ-S-637.

Identification color: 1045 DGP or TGP - red & yellow;1141 – red & brown; Stressproof- brown& yellow/red dot; 1215 – red;1144 SRA 100 – brown & yellow/white dot.


Our stock includes chrome plated bars for cylinderapplications in most any stock size or in the custom size you need. All barsare precision ground and plated to 68/70 Rc surface hardness with 6/12 RMSfinish. Plating thickness .0005”. To protect surfaces, we cardboard tube barsduring all phases of handling and storage.